No matter the size of the job, Pak Man can help you develop and execute on a cost effective and easy to manage plan. Let our customer service agents help you decide on the right pl an for your needs.

Waste Management / Recycling

Pak Man provides the collection, transport, processing, recycling or disposal of waste materials. From balers to compacters, no matter what your need we can develop a program that best suits you.

Consulting / Auditing

Pak Man Disposal draws upon its years of professional experience to insure we exceed our customer’s expectations. We are always looking to adapt our services to the needs of our clients, creating programs that meet the environmental initiatives of today and tomorrow. Pak Man will create the program that will lower your cost and increase your compliance rates and your customer satisfaction.

Product Destruction

The potential liability associated with defective, returned, off spec and dated materials is a reality for many companies. Regardless of what the product may be, if there is a potential to cause harm or for the product to be sold off market, then landfill is not the solution.

Pak Man’s de-packaging system provides separation of the packaging material and the contents of said packaging. The packaging is captured and recycled, while the contents of the goods are also separately collected and recycled when possible. This assures that all materials are rendered unusable and completely destroyed. By using the most effective and comprehensive methods available, Pak Man insures our customer’s requirements and backs this up with a Certificate of Destruction for all materials processed in our facility..

Event Services

Large scale events such as music concerts, festivals and sporting competitions all require significant planning and execution of a suitable waste and recycling strategy to cope with the impact of large crowds and their subsequent waste generation.

Pak Man can provide the pre, during and post event facilities to cope with the waste impact that 30,000 plus people can have on a venue.

Event organisers avoid disruption and dissatisfaction with the waste solutions for their events as the waste simply disappears via Pak Man Disposals efficient and professional management procedures.